Meal Wristband FAQ

Meal Wristband FAQ

Where can I purchase the Meal Wristband?

Meal Wristbands can be purchased for $40 on the Brushfire website which is the same website that was used to purchase your Gateway Student Conference tickets.

Will there be more than one food option for students with food allergies?

We will only have one meal option for students. We will not be able to accommodate food allergies such as gluten and various others. Attendees with food allergies will either need to go off site for food or bring their own meals.

Will there still be food trucks to serve food at Conference?

There will NOT be any food trucks at Conference for lunch and dinner times. The only food that will be provided at conference will be with the meal wristbands and the Gateway Cafe (which typically includes salads and sandwiches).

Is there a discount for large groups?

There is not a discount for large groups, the price for the meal wristband will remain $40 for all attendees.

Is the Meal wristband only limited to student attendees?

The Meal Wristband can be purchased by adult leaders as well. Meal Wristbands can be purchased by anyone who has purchased a Gateway Student Conference ticket.

Meal Wristband Purchase Deadline?

Meal Wristbands will be available for purchase now until Wednesday, July 12th.